I Have An Outrageous Hypothesis….. Apocalypse 2025……..

Apocalypse 2025……

I have an outrageous hypothesis, that after spending much of a year attempting to disprove, have now spent the last 2 finishing the research needed to back up and reveal to the world. I will be publishing the first of several books on the matter in the coming months revealing the details of my mortifying claims regarding civilizations near term future. For a sample of the subject matter at hand, please follow the 2nd link below to my post in https://EarthChangesDecoded.com

Axis Shifts, Physical Pole Flips, Rotation Reversals, & Crustal Displacements, All Dubious Ideas, But Cyclical Axis Realignment Theory May Be On To Something


The time of testing is near my friends with ears to hear. Much more information soon in multiple websites and online forums.  Please save or download everything, because if I am right, which I am certain that I am, then my welfare is now forevermore in jeopardy as is this data, at least at the onset here. Please help me give a life of its own to these grave revelations asap, negating the need to do anything more than discredit me at that point, something I anticipate will come with a furry.

Thank you for your efforts along those lines. I have organized things to release a lot in as little time as possible on my artist minimalist budget that I have had to endure to get to this point, but I anticipate that shifting gears soon now that I am spilling the beans of the holy grail of every secret society and mega deep state entity on the planet. I know there are friends out there who can and will help this ridiculous act of a lone wolf David against a mega secret society Goliath.

These high power entities know what is coming and want the populations of the world to fall to the wayside from the coming catastrophe while they hide in their uber bunkers, following their Continuity of Powers directives in the innermost secret circles of certain Governments. That is wrong.

The people need to know and make peace with their maker or to be given some time to do what it takes to survive. At least if I have any say so in the matter.

Anyway…. Please check out the above post and others in the website.

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